Organic…however you want to define that word, I am using it in the context of something (an event, circumstance, this “unconference”) happening naturally. It is not an event that is planned out on the calendar with strategic locations and dates in mind, but rather comes about quite naturally and instantly when conversation arises and a desire and need for it becomes apparent.

This organic process may take place in a conversation that someone has with Tony Steward, or it may evolve out of some Twitter conversations. I mentioned in this post how ChurchTechCamp:.Dallas evolved out of Tony “stirring the pot” when he knew I was in Dallas and interested in attending one, and that John Saddington would be in town for some classes at Dallas Theological Seminary. Tony saw a desire for one, threw out the possibility, and the rest was history.

Literally within minutes we cemented the reality that Dallas would have a ChurchTechCamp in January.

I formed a Facebook group #churchtechcamp:.Dallas.

Chris created the webpage.

Tony and John organized the talks.

Tony took care of the details like online registration, the tools we would be using, etc.

I secured a location.


That is organic…and this style fits with the ethos of the “unconference” that Tony has tried to foster.

Some of ChurchTechCamp’s challenges probably come with the fact that it is organic, but that is also its greatest strength and a strong value that I’m sure will continue.

Where do you see the need and desire for ChurchTechCamp? Is it where you live? Why?

Disclaimer: Tony Steward is the main organizer, facilitator and influence behind ChurchTechCamp:.LA and ChurchTechCamp:.Dallas, I’m simply writing this series from the perspective of helping organize the details (location specifics) for the Dallas event, and hopefully this will be a useful series if you find yourself wanting to or in the position of helping organize one for your city.