There is a lot I want to blog about this issue, but I am going to roll out a series of posts on this topic in the near future (probably in January 2009)….but I think there are some amazing counseling services/help lines, etc. that are beginning to pop-up online, and I only think they are going to increase.

We live more and more in an online world, and I think there is going to be some significant shifts in how counseling/therapy is delivered.

Here are just two services that I have my eye on, and that I have been in contact with in some form or another…seeing if I can get more involved with them as a volunteer.

I Am Second is one that has just emerged and in fact, hasn’t quite launched yet. I really love their video testimonies…POWERFUL. I love that it is happening in Dallas of which I am a new resident…and because I have been wanting to explore more of the intersection of counseling and social media. Just drove by one of their billboards the other day off the 75 (going north) that caught my eye. Take a look at the videos for yourself.

Heart Support is the other online support community that I first came into contact with about a year ago through a conversation with Rob Bell’s brother Jonathan. They have a very active site with lots of opportunities to share you story, find support and express yourself. They have truly been one of the pioneers I think in exploring online community support/counseling/therapy in a very effective way via social media.