I have really been enjoying reading John Dyer’s blog, Don’t Eat the Fruit. John is currently in the middle of a 5 post series “exploring Neil Postman’s lecture ‘Five Things You Need to Know about Technological Change’ as it relates to church life and spirituality.” Here are 3 of the 5 posts he has written so far.

Five Things the Church Needs to Know About Technological Change: (1 of 5) Technology is Always a Trade-Off

Five Things the Church Should Know about Technological Change (2 of 5): Technology Creates Winners and Losers

Five Things the Church Should Know About Technological Change (3 of 5): There is a Powerful Idea Embedded in Every Technology

I love The Church…and I love certain types/aspects of technology. So I’m glad there are people out there like John who challenge us to ask the hard questions regarding not only technology, but how we use it in The Church. This is one of my new favorite blogs and I hope you continue to read his blog as he continues his series.

Looking forward to meeting John in person at ChurchTechCamp:.Dallas (#ctcdallas)