Connect, Network and Collaborate are just three of the things that I hope to do at the Innovation3 Gathering in Dallas, TX on January 27-28.

The event is put on by Leadership Network and is host to a plethora of speakers in just two days. Leadership Network says this about the conference:


Innovation3 is an opportunity for you and your team to have up-close, face-to-face conversations that will transform your mind and ministry. Over 100 presenters from some of the most innovative churches in America will be on hand.

Innovation3 is a chance for you to do some real networking. You won’t just be adding “Facebook friends”, but you’ll be interacting one-on-one with peers that will help you sharpen your views and collaborate to help change the world.

I will be one of the live bloggers along with Carlos Whitaker and Cynthia Ware at the event so I hope that we all can have an opportunity to meet and connect with one another.

In the meantime, peruse the website to get a look at all the speakers that are presenting.

Also, check out the Innovation3 blog.

And check out what Tony Morgan has to say about the event.