#churchtechcamp, which was pretty much hinted at, discussed and organized within about 5 minutes on Twitter a few weeks ago, is finally coming to fruition.

And instead of Los Angeles, this time it’s going to be in Dallas.

Thursday, January 8

Irving Bible Church


$0…yes, I said $0.

Will be provided free by our great friends at Unifyer. (thx Matt and Lance)

What’s Happening:
Tony Steward sums it up succinctly this way–

First half of the day will be 4 conversations about ministry, technology and the internet.

Then Lunch.

During the first half of the day people can suggest and sign up for projects that we will work on together during the second half of the day.

Then we will leave.

That’s the gist, but watch as the specifics unfold over the next couple of weeks.

How Can You Be Involved:
We need one of you to design the stripped down, simple webpage for us. If we get multiple versions, we will put them all up on the site.

And we need a logo.

What If You Can’t Be There:
Well, like Los Angeles, it will be offered virtually.

What Do You Need to Bring:
Your computer of course. And we need everyone to bring an extension cord and power strip if you have one. We want to make sure that we are able to meet the power demands for the number of people who show up. We may not end up using yours….but we ask that you bring one.

Oh, and don’t forget to join our #churchtechcamp:.Dallas (Facebook Group)

Also, check out John Saddington’s Church Crunch post, ChurchTechCamp: Dallas – Let’s Start Now.

And also check out Tony Steward’s post, ChurchTechCamp:.Dallas.

If you have any organizational questions, please feel free to contact me by email or Twitter.

If you have any tech/conversation questions, please feel free to contact Tony Steward by email or Twitter and John Saddington by email or Twitter.