Wow! Watching history being made with @h_smith. Remarkable.
07:06 PM November 04, 2008 from txt

That was my Tweet that I texted from my phone when I found out Barack Obama won the election. That Tweet was delivered from Twitter, to Facebook, automatically updating my Facebook status…just like all my Twitters do.

Getting Nasty
Seems like a relatively benign procedure. But if you were paying attention to either Twitter or Facebook on Election night, well, then you got a taste of what America thought about Obama being elected.

Let’s just say that mixed in with all the amazing comments, was some downright ugly and nasty statements. That’s to be expected. But what has many talking is that a lot of the comments that were appalling were coming from not only young conservatives, buy Christians as well.

I get that we all have our moments where we say stupid things. We send that email we shouldn’t send. We post that blog we shouldn’t have posted. We send that Twitter, or update our Facebook status and wish we could have taken it back. With instant access there isn’t a barrier that causes us to pause and think anymore. I am guilty myself of saying lots of stupid things online.

But watching the micro-blogging of the Election night was an education in in and of itself.

What Others Were Saying
Originally I didn’t think it was worth commenting on, but then I began to see that many were talking about what was happening on Twitter and Facebook status updates. I noticed Wess Daniels Tweet, @cwdaniels,

Talking about Christians facebook responses after the election in the Church in American Culture class.

He may or may not have been talking about Christians. Or it may have been about young Conservatives. Whatever it was, it was worthy of taking up class time in seminary and bringing forth a discussion. Maybe Wess can comment on this post.

Then I was having lunch with some youth leaders who were so taken back by the comments of the Christian kids in their youth group that they decided that their next Bible study would be devoted to what was being said online. They pointed me to this article. I have linked the entire post in this text…scroll down to see the instant thoughts of young conservatives after Obama was elected. Young Conservatives Mourn Obama’s Victory on Facebook:

The best thing about the end of this election is that it just keeps going on and on and on and on! A sampling of doomsday Facebook status updates (some, we’re hoping, tongue in cheek) from young conservatives mourning the end of freedom, America and the world:

… is going to hell, because her sister voted for the Anti-Christ.

… is going to go shopping for a burka tomorrow.

… Welcome to the GRAVE!

… is moving to Australia.

… knows the heart of the KING is in the hands of the Lord.

… is proud of my country and ashamed of our anti-American/muslim/socialist president.

… is mourning for her country.

… pretends not to care.

… what will become of America now?

… is welcome to the USSA.

… is trusting in the sovereignty of the King.

… is wondering how you can live with the blood on your hands?

… is convinced that Comrade Obama will soon take the Divine Right! May he live forever!

… prepares for the dark ages.

… is praying that God will help her respect those in authority… even if it’s hard. May God be glorified! God, please forgive us and let your light shine!

… is mourning the death of capitalism.

… says that every great nation has its moment of glory and then it collapses. America started her downhill descent today.

… is praying that God will be merciful in His judgment of our nation—and praying for the salvation of our new president.

… remembers the 5th of November and prays for the protection of life and liberty.

… heck, maybe living under socialism will be fun!

… sighs and prays that the cost isn’t higher than we can pay…

… is praying for the future of her country, which she loves.

… hopes you all get what you deserve . . . and it probably won’t include lower taxes .

… is scared for her country.

… is prepared for four years of insufferable platitudes.

… is politically depressed.

… is celebrating her last few hours of freedom… :(.

… is clinging to his guns and religion.

… is praying for the elections and that God will be merciful in His judgment of our nation. What peace may be found in the sovereignty of God. Rom. 8:28.

… is no no no no no NBC News, GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE SOLUTION (and, while I’m at it, f*** the two-party system).

There were so many articles on this topic, and most of them were too vulgar for me to post on my blog, but hopefully this gives you a small sampling of what many were saying that night.

It’s a reminder to me that not only as humans….but specifically as Christians, I have a responsibility with my speech. What I say out loud and to others, speaks volumes about me as a Christian, and how others view not only me, but how they may, and will, perceive Christianity and Christ, whom I claim to follow.

When we say nasty, vulgar and un-Christian things about others, and about Presidential candidates, whether it be McCain or Obama, then we don’t represent Christ very well I’m afraid. This issue has caused me to stop and think about a lot of things regarding my social media presence and what I say about others that I blog or Twitter about.

I could say more, but instead, let me leave you with one beautiful Facebook status update that came in after Obama was elected. Brittany is one of the many on election night who shined a beautiful light amongst the ugly side of micro-blogging. Facebook Status Report Roundup, The Presidential Election Edition

Brittany Mendenhall is in shock. My grandmother drank out of a COLORED water fountain. I mean I can’t even believe it! AHHHHHHH!
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