Below is a list of 10 blog sites that I highly recommend. It’s about time I recognize just some of the sites that have given so much to me. When I read any of these 10 sites I am continually challenged, stimulated in my thinking, and pushed in a direction of valuable growth.

We all have different sites we like to read, but if you read my blog, then I think you will also like these sites very much.

The common theme…an interest in social media and technology and the implications it has for church, ministry, non-profits, businesses and community.

Thanks for checking them out.

BeDeviant by Justin Wise. This is a great, great looking blog visually, and Justin is always blogging about interesting things that really engage me.

Human3rror by John Saddington. Another great looking blog…great design. John is a great commenter and a very creative blogger. He always has me thinking. by Chris Brogan. I mean, come on. The guy is prolific, and if you have any interest in social media…even a tiny bit, you best be reading him.

Beth’s Blog by Beth Kanter: Beth, like Chris is really prolific, and if you are a non-profit, then you need to be reading Beth to better understand how you can leverage social media in your organization.

Church Video Ideas by Greg Atkinson. The name of the blog might be a little misleading…this is not a site just about videos. Greg is Mr. Church 2.0, a visual worship tech guru, and someone who has a growing heart for the issues of slavery and sex trafficking.

Gathering in Light by Wess Daniels. Wess is an amazing thinker, and he, more than anyone I know is really able to blend really academic theology with pop culture and praxis. He’s really good and making me feel much smarter after reading him.

Tony Steward Blog by Tony Steward. Digerati Team. Need I say more. Tony is an inspiration for those of us who are exploring the what it means to be an online campus pastor. There aren’t many of those…but I know that trend will grow, and Tony is on the leading edge of it.

The Digital Sanctuary by Cynthia Ware. No one cover the church, technology, tech conference, tech tools, social media…like Cynthia.

Church Crunch. The intersection of ministry and technology. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs…I am learning tons.

Collidge Magazine Blog. Ministry, technology, pop culture and more. One of the few online and hard copy magazines I read faithfully.