Saw this gem in The Dallas Morning News this morning.

It’s a quote by Alexander Muse who I have been following on Twitter.

“In Silicon Valley, it’s normal to quit your job and work at a start-up,” he said. But in Dallas, he sees many entrepreneurs “keeping their passion on the side.”

Locked into payments on 5,000-square-foot homes in the suburbs and tuition for private schools, these would-be entrepreneurs “go to work and trudge through their jobs and save their cool stuff for at night or on the side,” Mr. Muse said.

Great comment on so many levels.

I have been talking to more and more people who work crazy hours and pull late nights because that’s the only time for them to pursue their passion. I am guilty of that as well.

Whether it’s writing, blogging, dreaming (that’s me), or other things such as photography, web design, networking, etc. (other friends), there is often one BIG hitch. SECURITY.

All of us want security. So our day jobs often provide the security for us to live, but we would really love our passions to pay out.

But many take risks. Quit jobs. Move states. Plant churches. Launch start up companies. Cut expenses so one parent can stay home with children.

As I was talking to a friend the other day he encouraged me and reminded me about living a more risk-filled, adventerous life.

As a Christian, the Biblical story is definitely not safe. From the get go it’s about people throwing their faith and trust in God and going forth into new places, traveling through deserts, crossing seas, facing persecution.

But somehow, 2000 years later, we play it pretty safe.

One of the reasons my wife and I and daughter moved to Dallas was to be closer to family, but to also take some risks, not be tied to an expensive mortgage like we were in CA, etc. And it’s scary, but God is faithful, and it’s amazing the opportunities that have come our way since we have moved.

If it’s not security, why do you play it safe?

If you don’t play it safe, what are you doing differently?