Chris Brogan has a great post today, Social Media Events Are Fragmenting.

Read the whole thing, especially if you put on a conference, attend them, or are involved with social media.

Now, though he is talking about social media events (of which churches and church staff are involved), I was thinking of church conferences as well.

The list of conferences in either arena (and really in all fields) is growing, that it’s almost impossible to attend the ones you want to unless someone is paying you to go to all of them, or they eventually conflict with each other. And sometimes they eventually begin looking like each other.

He does mention Blog World & New Media Expo, which is the event which GodblogCon is a part of. This is a conference I have spoken at a few times and will be attending this year as part of our new book, The New Media Frontier. He says this:

Rick’s event brought diverse people like religious, military, sports, and political bloggers, and I liked that.

I like that too.

But I guess the questions remain:

Where are all these conferences going?

And are they all beginning to look a little like each other?

I have a few that I make every effort to attend every year, but keeping up is getting hard to do.

How many conferences do you attend a year?

Which ones?