There are many reasons to Twitter which I have chronicled on this blog.

But today was a perfect example. When the Southern California earthquake hit today at approximately 11:41 (Twitter) or 11:42 (CNN) Twitter was buzzing like crazy. I had numerous reports from numerous sources of the quake almost before it ended.

And when the phone lines wouldn’t work, it was Twitter that allowed my wife and I, as well as other family members and friends connect to make sure everyone was okay.

Great tool. And no matter what complaints people levy against Twitter’s latest technical problems, it’s days like these that make you thankful for Twitter.


Twitter beats the AP and other new sources by 4-9 minutes
. Gees…how slow is the MSM.

Sort of reminds me of churches, church staffs and denominations that put out “official” news days, weeks and months after everyone else knows about it.

Why aren’t you on Twitter?