Before the new i-phone came out I was drooling at any site of, or rumor of it’s impending release.

The days leading up to it and on release day I was glued to TechCrunch’s Twitter just so I wouldn’t miss anything.

But now I’m pretty glad I didn’t rush out to get one. I’m no tech expert, but it seems that first generation i-phone users haven’t had many problems with their phone as they uploaded the new software. But I’ve heard nothing but complaints from most of the people I know about the 2nd Generation phone.

And then Terry Storch who I respect decided to take his back.

So we will see what happens. I still want one, but I’m not in as big a rush anymore. In regards to my post, I don’t want to become a slave to the i-phone, and I think I was getting close.

My former co-worker and good friend Matt Singley has a humorous vlog about his new i-phone. Check it out below: