I’ve long wondered about how to know who to hire in ministry, or why I got hired for some positions. Some people have lots of credentials, experience, etc., and don’t pan out in terms of what they were hired for. Others lack those things and go on to do a great job.

Malcolm Gladwell gives a great talk at the New Yorker Conference on the challenges of hiring in the modern world, so click on this link to watch the video. (HT: Guy Kawasaki)

He didn’t say it, but maybe the problem is that we hire based on our notions of living in a modern world, when really we live in a very postmodern, glocal one.

His basic premise is: The world has changed, but how we hire hasn’t.

He tells great antedotes from the world of sports and how those who score at the top at the football combines (as well as other sports), don’t often go on to do well, and vice-versa. And he talks about the practice of hiring teachers.

There is no specific formula of how to hire in a changing world. A person’s success in a job has to be projected into the future by a number of criteria.

What Is Important for Hiring for Ministry Positions? (I know positions differ, but speaking generally)

Spiritual life? (prayer, fruit of the spirit, etc.)

Theological Degree?








What are you looking for?

Or why were you told they hired you?