A little over a week ago I was having coffee and talking technology and ministry with Cynthia Ware of The Digital Sanctuary. And she told me a story about some friends of hers and how they had received information from Twitter regarding some events that later became the news.

Basically, because of the posts on Twitter, these people had firsthand accounts of news before it hit the major news stations. She talked a little then about how Twitter or even some tool like that (who knows what the future holds) would basically produce/create people who were journalists on the ground and would be able to convey news stories before the major outlets got a hold of it (Cynthia, if my details are off on our conversation, let me know).

So it’s not really a surprise then that I found out about the China earthquake this morning from Andrew Jones on Twitter. I read, “reading about twitter and china earthquake”, and then quickly turned on the news.

When I get online in the morning Twitter is the first site I check in with and it often delivers news to me that I had not known, or that would become important for that day. My Twitter network is more valuable to me then turning on some major news outlet. With that diverse group I know I will get the stories, news and updates that are important to me.

How many of you check Twitter first thing when you go online for the day? If not, what is it?

Check out Andrew Jones’ post China earthquake, where he links to this fascinating story about Twitter and the China earthquake:

China Quake–Twitter Comes of Age as THE Breaking News Tool

Fascinating reading…I think. Especially when I think about Twitter and it’s use in ministry. Very powerful tool. I will posting next week about Twitter and college ministry.

And though Twitter is an awesome tool, let’s be praying for all those affected by the quake itself.