One of the most important college ministry conferences is happening May 16-19 up in Seattle at The Inn. The Ascent Conference is a gathering of those involved in college ministry, and it has been real influential in shaping college ministry under the leadership of Mike Gaffney and his staff.

Church-based campus ministries gathering for… refreshing, equipping, and vision-casting.

Campus ministry is the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s not easy. Ascent was formed out of a felt need by campus ministers and students to come together around the common goal of sharing Jesus Christ with college students. Ascent is for staff, students, and lay leaders involved in church-based campus ministry.

I will not be up there this weekend, though I really wish I was. Too much going on in my family right now as we are in the midst of huge life transitions vocationally, as well as a huge move to Dallas that awaits us in the next few months. Hopefully you will be going up there, and if you aren’t, I hope you do get the chance to get up there at some point to the conference in the next few years.

I have been asking a couple of questions at our college ministry social networking site Collective Muse, and the blog as well.

  1. What is the best thing about working with college students? Or what do you love about college ministry?
  2. What is the biggest need in college ministry today?

What do you think?