In my continued display of Twitter love, and in an attempt to understand its phenomenon more, here is a great article to read.

Twitter at SWSX and Power to the People

And now one story of my Twitter and how it has worked in some effective ways in ministry.

Last week I was having lunch at The Counter burger joint in Santa Monica (by the way….you should eat there if you haven’t). I sent out a Twitter message from my phone saying I was at The Counter in Santa Monica eating with a college student. Within about 20 minutes I had three messages sent to me.

  1. A former student who was in the area and wanted to catch up sent me a text to let me know he was close and to see if we could meet.
  2. A former Fuller classmate saw my Twitter message on Facebook (since I’ve integrated the two), and just wanted to tell me she was jealous that I was there eating–so she posted to my Facebook.
  3. Another former student saw the message and sent me a Facebook message, seeing if we could get together for lunch since he likes The Counter.

Now…these might seem like drivel to most of you, and sometimes it can be. But this is just a very simple example of how Twitter and other forms of media are connecting people quickly. I know that many churches are exploring how to use Twitter to communicate with staff in a quick, very succinct way.