I’ve witnessed some amazing examples of how social networking is being used to connect people in prayer.

Matt Singley has a great post with just one example happening in our church on Facebook. So check that out.

Here is what is happening. A young woman in our congregation went in for emergency brain surgery at the beginning of the week, and within a day or two her family and community rallied around her, not only in person, but also in prayer as people all over the country and here locally swarmed to Facebook to prayer for her, receive constant updates on her condition, as well as finding out ways how they could help the family. Simply amazing.

Praying for Katherine Wolf has 688 members

Pray for Katherine Arnold Wolf has 1,303 members

And everytime I log on the numbers are growing. It’s an amazing example of the power of prayer in someone’s life.

In the past and still today, people usually set up prayer chains via a phone or answering service, emails, etc. But the way Facebook is being used is awesome. And if you are on Facebook, you will see constant reminders of the need to pray for Katherine and her family.

I have a meeting with Robert of Kindle this Friday, and I know he is working on ways to build praying communities online. Kindle is another great tool, and I’m excited to see it expand and grow.