I am really behind in some reviews, but here is what is on deck:

Sex, Sushi, & Salvation: Thoughts on Intimacy, Community, & Eternity by Christian George.

  • I am almost done with this book and will have a review shortly.  But so far, I really like what I see.  George has a very “Donald Milleresque” style of writing about him.  Which I love.  When I first got the book I chuckled at the title because sex and sushi are really popular in Los Angeles.  That is what sells in this town.  Not so much salvation, though I think that’s what many are unknowingly looking for.  Good combination of words that speak to so many people’s needs, desires and wants.  As I said, I will post that review shortly.

The Vision Deck: 52 Exercises to Inspire Visionary Teams by auxano.

  • This is taking me a little while to review, since I’m trying to take all 52 cards in, and actually use them, rather than just read through them.  So I will have a full review soon.  But what lies at heart in this deck is what I’m passionate about (i.e. team building, collaboration, vision casting, ministry, etc.)

Sexless in the City: A Memoir of Reluctant Chastity by Anna Broadway.

  • Very popular blogger’s blog writings become a book.  I have known her for about 15 years or so, so I’m excited to see her writing published.  This is a fascinating topic for many people, and Broadway is a great writer.  A review will follow soon.

A Leader Becomes A Leader: Inspirational Stories of Leadership For A New Generation by J. Kevin Sheehan.

  • This book just came in the mail today and I’m very excited about.  Very good looking book.  Great photography, stories, anedotes, thoughts, etc., from some of the greatest leaders in a number of distinct fields.  I think the influence of these multiple voices on various topics of leadership should be a great read.