Neal Locke has written a great post responding to my previous post on the Millenials and some of my thoughts as they relate to the PC(USA).

I actually agree with pretty much all that he has stated. He tends to have a more hopeful and positive outlook for the PC(USA) than I do. But most of my cynicism is fresh off my bad experiences with the ordination process. Not with my local, church CPM comittee, but the overall process as a whole.

Some of Neal’s points are these:

  • The gay issue has been decided: Evangelical Conservatives decided to exclude, and at least the PC(USA) is still wrestling with it.
  • When it comes to the gender issue, where are women going to go, but to denominations that empower them. Traditionally, non-denominational, Bible churches and many Evangelical churches have not empowered women to serve in all positions of leadership in the Church.
  • Millenials do not desert their elders, even when they “live by crazy books of order, ‘perhaps'”….as he puts it.

You can read his post here.