As a college director I get to be a part of many amazing student’s lives. And one of the things I enjoy the most is sitting down with them over a cup of coffee and talking about life, God, theology, their passions, etc., etc. Those of you working with college students know exactly what I mean.

One of my former students, who I always enjoyed sitting down over coffee with, is writing a blog called out loud, and it’s awesome.

Jennifer Hall is blogging about what I wish I had the discipline to do. Many attempt it, but lack the follow through (i.e. me).

Jennifer is blogging through Bible…or rather, blogging about her daily reading of the Bible. Here is what she says:

As I read a few chapters in the Bible each day I ask two questions:

What do these verses tell me about God’s character?

What do these verses mean to me right now?

She is a great writer. Check out her “Mission Statement” and “What is this?” page.

It’s been very insightful for me. She has always asked good questions about God, her faith, etc., which is what made coffee time so challenging and great for me.