I’ve been dreaming and thinking a lot about the desire for, and the need to connect those involved in college ministry (i.e. pastors, directors, volunteers, etc.). There are lots of college ministries, and yet there is a certain disconnect among this age and stage of ministry.

Over the last year or two I have been in more and more conversations with those involved in college ministry, and it seems that many of us have been thinking the same thing.

So after a lot of time praying and thinking about it, I created and launched a social networking site devoted to these people. I hope this site can be a hub that brings us together, helping us promote events, share ideas, meet, pray, etc. It is a place where we can bring together the work that we are all doing, and hopefully be energized and encouraged by what is taking place out there.

I will share more about the site in other posts. But please check it out and pass the word. It is a work in progress though. I wanted to do a slow and gradual rollout and just fix, edit and redesign things as they happened, and were needed, rather than trying to have everything perfect.

You can check out the site at Collective Muse.

You can check the Facebook group here.

In closing, here is the purpose of the site:

We desire to connect those serving in college ministry.

We desire to engage those involved in college ministry on issues regarding theology, ministry, praxis, etc.

We desire to collaborate with those serving in college ministry on projects that bring innovation and new ideas to the study and practice of this field.

We desire to be a community that creates and welcomes innovative ideas in the field of college ministry.

We desire to gather together in order to form relationships and grow from our interactions with one another.

We desire to be a people that continually seek the direction of college ministry through time in prayer.

We desire to be a community that spans the breadth and depth of Christianity, interacting on this site with those involved in serving in college ministry in the various denominations, non-denominations, and traditions of Christianity.

We desire to be a resource for those serving in college ministry, as well as students who are a part of college ministry.