At some point or another you begin to say to yourself, “My blogroll is growing larger and larger….what do I do?” Maybe you don’t ask that question, but I sure do. I have been blogging for almost four years and over that time you read a lot of blogs and make a lot of friends. So it becomes this almost delicate matter of if I trim up my blogroll will people be offended if their name is not on the list. But something has to be done because I’ve come to the conclusion that the more stuff someone has on their page, and the longer the blogroll, the less likely they will actually click on any of them and read. But if you present them with a few names, it seems more likely that they will click and read. That is the conclusion of my non-scientific, unverified research.

But supporting each other is important, so there are a couple of options:

  1. Trim it down, make some hard decisions, and yeah some people might be offended. I don’t like this one.
  2. You could do a rotating blogroll. My co-worker Matt has some nice code written out on how to do that.
  3. You could put your blogroll on some external site in a easy to find manner. This is what I have decided to do thanks to Wess.

So I’m still in the process, but I’m moving my blogroll, as well as other sites over to my bookmarks. I have found this to be the best solution. With tags it’s easy to find the bloggers you want to read and who write about the things that are important to you. And you can create various feeds such as this one for college ministry stuff.

I’m sure there are a million other options, but this is the one I like so far. Keeps my blog simple, not too cluttered, and hopefully the handful of links I have under PERUSING might be read more. These blogs tend to be ones that I read every day, as well as ones that are written by some of my close friends. I will probably rotate this list often as well just to give it a different flavor. But with newsfeeds and blog aggregates, one is constantly reading through more blogs than can go on a site.

What do you do about this issue?