I could probably post a few more reasons, but as I mentioned before, I tend not to post much on politics. So this is reason #3, and the final posting in this series (you can read the other two reasons below).

Reason #3: Hope

This is the one word that I hear more often than not surrounding the Obama campaign and it’s supporters. It’s definitely the number one reason that I hear among college students that I work with as well. What this hope looks like, or the expectations behind it probably differ from person to person, but here is my general sense. Most people have become disillusioned with politics today, and therefore, anyone new who enters the race stands for some kind of hope that did not previously exist. Now I know Obama is not new to politics, but his name is not one that we have heard of for years like McCain and Hilary. Being new to a presidential race ushers in a sense of hope and anticipation for many.

Though this last week has been a pretty rough one (relatively speaking) for the Obama campaign, I think most young people admire his attempts to keep the politics from turning into mudslinging. Whether you think this has been accomplished or not is really besides the point, because he tends to be the one to at least verbally acknowledge the desire to stay above the fray. Trying to do politics differently has ushered in a sense of hope as well.

Last, I think that many younger people see the possibility of having the first ever African-American in the presidential office as a hopeful sign for our country. It brings a sense of hope that any odds can be overcome and that our country has maybe gotten past some of the racism that has existed. Now we all know that racism exists and will continue to exist, but I think Obama’s presence in the race signals a new day for America that many people are excited about.

As I mentioned before, I could go on with more and more posts on this topic but I’m going to bring it to a close.

#1: Openness

#2: Experience/Inexperience

#3: Hope

These are just three of the non-political observations that I have made, and I’m sure you might have add to more, and I would love to hear from you.