I’m going to blog more about this after the weekend, but I just had a great lunch with Benson Hines, who runs the blog Exploring College Ministry. Ben is on a year long road trip across the country checking out college ministries, so it was great to have lunch with him today and confirm some of my own thoughts and beliefs about college ministry and what is taking place, and it was good to hear his thoughts on what is happening around the country.

I left lunch feeling very encouraged. Also I left lunch knowing that college ministry is not about having a church job, but it’s about caring about college students and working with them and using your gifts in whatever tangible way that is.

Check out his great blog….he has some great thougths and insights, and who knows, he may be posting about your church or college ministry.

Contact him if you would like to pick his brain along the way, or if you would like to have him come out and visit your ministry….or if you would like to treat him to a cup of coffee.