I agree with Andrew Jones that I AM JOSH BROWN is “the blog to watch this week.” Josh is dealing with the criticisms of Emergent.


Challenging the Critiques of Emergent: Introduction

Challenging the Critiques of Emergent: A White Man’s World

Challenging the Critiques of Emergent: Trend/Denomination

If this opening paragraph won’t get you to read, then I don’t know what will.

Here’s the deal. It’s become sort of fashionable to bash Emergent. It used to just be the crazy, old school guys like Dobson, MacArthur, and Carson. I think of these guys like my crazy uncle sitting in the corner who babbles on about conspiracy theories and minorities and the evils of the world. His behavior borders on tourettes and I sort of expect it. But then some guys, who oddly enough have a following among younger people, like Driscoll, jumped in on the pile-on. And then all the Puma wearing, soul patch, mid-life crisis, youth pastor-esque guys decided Driscoll was god and agreed with him. The trickle down from there has been that now even those who like and affiliate with Emergent like to throw a few punches every now and then.