It’s been about 17 days since I last posted anything, but that’s because the last 17 days have been crazy, tiring and very exciting. A lot of great things have been happening to me personally, and a lot of great things have been happening with our ministry. Here’s a run down to catch you up to speed.

  • I moved from Movable Type to WordPress. Best decision I have ever made when it comes to blogging platforms. With that change came the arrival of the new look of this site.
  • Last March, our college ministry hosted Rob Bell on his Sex God Tour at UCLA. Thank you to all of my leaders who helped us make that happen. Well, now you can view on CNN pieces of that night here. You can also see a little interview with one of our students, Ally Stoltz below:
  • I will be a contributing blogger to Leadership Network on their Leadership Network Book site. This is a great opportunity for me to connect with other pastors and lay leaders around the country and to share about the books that are influencing us in ministry.
  • Today, RO and Mindy Smith (Middle School), Drew Sams (High School) and I (College), launched a Collection of Crumbs, which is a collaborative effort on our part to think theologically about youth ministry, and the transition and integration of youth into the life of the Church. If you are a youth minister or volunteer in any area of youth ministry, I hope that you will not only check out the new site, but that you will contribute to the site by a) sending us your blog link so we can post you on the site; b) thinking of topics for us to write about and discuss; c) serving as a contributor to the site by writing a post possibly.
  • This last Wednesday was our annual Quest Christmas Communion service. It was a great night where we come together to celebrate communion with each other, sing Christmas carols and eat dessert. I recorded below a little sample from the service. It’s a pretty rough video, as it was my first attempt to record and upload onto You Tube from my new Flip Video camera. My Jack Bauer joke isn’t that funny, and my camera work needs great improvement. But hey, I gotta practice:
  • Have a good weekend and thanks for visiting the site.