Home Chores, 1945, by Jacob Lawrence

I’m definitely in the process of learning this truth. As a lot of you know who are parents, nothing can bring you to your knees quicker, or make life more simplistic than having a newborn around the house. My little daughter unknowingly has simplified my life very quickly. And I’m learning a lot about myself just washing baby bottle after baby bottle, changing diaper after diaper, and rocking her to sleep in the middle of the night. Life has gotten very simple. She doesn’t seem to care either if I blog or not.

It’s also forced me to reduce what I do. Meaning, I no longer have the time or energy to do everything I want to do, which is both good, but humbling.

I just dropped my entry from the Long Beach Marathon because my body could not sustain the beating it was taking on two hours of sleep a night. So I will return to marathons hopefully in the Spring once I get my feet under me.

Currently, I’m just working on gearing up for our college ministry The Quest to return in full-force come the end of September.

I’m also working on my presentation for GodblogCon, which is part of BlogWorld & New Media Expo this November in Las Vegas.

Here is the title and description of the presentation I am currently working on:

New Media Ministry to the Myspace- Facebook Generation
Employing New Media Technologies Effectively In Youth Ministries

The demographic which would benefit most from a strong Christian presence in the New Media is America’s youth. Many youth ministries have tried and failed to reach the youth where they are at by setting up websites which end up being either unattractive or full of out-of-date content. Rhett Smith will share how New Media technologies provide youth pastors with powerful tools which enable them to reach the youth culture quickly and effectively with technology relevant to their day-to-day lives.

We’ll see how this goes. Currently working a lot on the topic of Facebook since it is the tool that we currently use the most and that I find to be the most effective in reaching out, communicating, planning, etc.

I have plenty more I should be working on and doing, but I’m learning to reduce my life to more simple pursuits, and if I can’t do that myself, my daughter is going to see to that.

I really liked that quote by Thomas More above, and that started me thinking about the simplicity of daily life and chores. Here is a great image of that.