“Artist rendition of Rhett’s bloodshot eye after having no sleep in weeks with a newborn in the house”

I’m so exhausted. Any really naive thoughts I had about trying to get a newborn on some schedule have been shattered. Any thoughts I had about trying to maintain some sort of normalcy have been shattered as well.

So until I get more than an hour of sleep a night and am able to function and not simply sleepwalk through the day….then I will probably post a blog.

My wife and I hope that is sooner than later.

I would love any thoughts from dads on what the first 6 weeks to 3 months are like with a newborn.

Thoughts? Things that worked? Didn’t work?

All I know is that our daughter loved being swaddled the first two and half weeks and now she is all of sudden Houdini, slipping her arms out in the night, grunting all the way. Crazy.