One of the most amazing college ministries in the country is UMin, which is the college ministry of University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA.

They have done a great job networking with other college ministries through their Ascent Network, and the conference related to it which is taking place this next year, May 16-19, 2008 in Seattle, WA.

The college director of UMin is Mike Gaffney who is well known in college ministry circles, especially here on the West Coast. But as you may have heard, Mike has resigned from his position as Senior Director of University Ministries at University Presbyterian Church. He has accepted a full-time position as the Director of Young Life College, starting YL college ministries around the US. Mike will continue as the Director as the Ascent Network and be actively involved in planning Ascent 2008. (taken from the Ascent Network Email Newsletter)

If you are more interested in the work of Young LIfe in college ministry, check out their site or contact Mike as he takes over the new role of Young Life College Coordinator.

I really respect the work of Young Life and I hope they get involved here on the college campuses in Southern California, especially at UCLA and USC. This would be a great asset to our college community on and off campus.