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Many of you know that my wife and I have been expecting our first baby…a baby girl. We ended going into the hospital and into labor about two weeks early over the weekend. For those of you who are fathers, well, then you know how exhausted you are. I feel like a complete “zombie” right now walking around.

Mother and daughter are doing great. It was the most unbelievable experience…being there with your wife during delivery and then getting to cut the umbilical cord at the end. There are no words.

Obviously blogging has been a zero priority over the last few weeks, but even the last nine months it’s been tough to find time to blog as other things have become much more important.

But as I enter this new stage of life I’m interested (and have been working behind the scenes) to make this blog better.

You will continue to obviously see blogging on theology, college ministry and other things. But I’ve been interested in the issue of fatherhood as it doesn’t seem there are many great books on it. I’ve come across some great articles on what they are calling “Daddy 2.0” or “The New Fatherhood”, etc. Meaning basically that the way fathers are involved in their babies lives is often quite different than it was in generations past. More and more men are staying home, or splitting up duties with their wives that used to be reserved only for women.

I know many of you who are fathers have experienced a lot of anxiety in being a new father, so if you have any good advice for a new dad, let me know.

For now, my wife will be out maternity leave for 3 months, and then when that time is over, she and I have rearranged our schedules so that one of us will always be taking care of the baby. We are both excited about this opportunity for each of us to share in the child rearing.

I wonder how many of you who are fathers, what kind of schedule or arrangement do you and your wife have? Do you both work outside the home? Do you share duties? Etc., etc.

See you soon…in the meantime we appreciate all of your prayers as we adjust to this awesome new stage of life.