As I edge closer to the weekend I tend to write less about theology and the church and more about my long runs that take place on Fridays. As I’m training for the Long Beach Marathon I have once again chosen Friday as my long run day. It’s a great intro into the weekend….and though I’m not writing about theology and the church as much I’m definitely thinking a lot about it during my longer runs of 14 miles plus.

Today I wanted to highlight a very intriguing figure in running, Dean Karnazes. I thought running 26.2 miles was a lot, but I soon discovered in my training that there is a whole group of ultrarunners who consider that just a tune up in the morning.
DeanKarnazesUltramarathon Man.jpg

Last week Dean Karnazes won the ESPY Award for Best Outdoor Athlete. For a good interview with Dean, check out the blog of Scott Dunlap and his interview, Ultramarathon Man.

I won’t go on and on about running today….but I credit running with totally changing my life. It’s helped bring me life into better balance physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and the discipline that is required has born much fruit in other areas of my life. Hopefully reading about Dean will motivate you to get out there and run.

New Word…
Wilf: n. An imperfect acronym for “What was I looking for?” Wilfers spend up to a third of their online time drifting from news to shopping to porn site.
Wired Magazine (paper issue); pp. 52; July 2007.

Though this word brings up unfortunate links to other same sounding words, it really is true…how much time do we spend drifting online. I’m sucked into Wikipedia for sure…I can go look for one entry and 30 minutes later I find myself at a different entry 20 times removed. Crazy.

Are you a wilfer?

comic 1.jpg

A New Blogger To Read…
So this guy is not a new blogger, but I have been reading him as of late. Brad Greenberg is a former college student of mine. I have known Brad since he was a freshmen in college and as he began to write more and more for The Daily Bruin.

Brad blogs over at The God Blog. He is an amazing writer who has written quite a bit including articles for Christianity Today.

So go check him out.

Thank You…
This has been a very, very crazy year, so I want to thank all of you who have faithfully been reading my blog…posting comments, sending me emails and encouraging me. Sometimes I just have nothing to say, so I thank you for reading even when I don’t have anything to give.

With interesting things happening in my career, and with new fatherhood I hope to have more and better content to offer you.

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