Every guy wants to to know or hope that deep down inside of them that they have what it takes to survive out in the wilderness. Hence, I think that’s why the show Man vs. Wild is so popular, and others like it.

I also think that’s why Christian books such as Wild at Heart are so popular in some Christian circles.

Regardless of what you think, “man” likes to test himself against nature and know that he can survive. And as we move to a society where many places have already been explored, and as most of us live in the city, I think we all want some sort of challenge.

I think that’s why I and others are so addicted to this show, “Man vs. Wild”, which is hosted by uber macho man Bear Grylls. I’ll usually receive a text once a week from my brother that says something like, “Bear just drank his urine.” Or, “Are you watching Bear?”

I tried to screen out some videos that weren’t going to make you gross out. So here is a hilarious interview with Conan O’ Brien.

And for those who have a stronger stomach, here is one where he eats a live snake.

Right now some of the guy leaders in the college ministry are trying to figure out a cool “dudes” trip where we back pack in somewhere with very little. I think it would be great….I just told them I don’t want to be in a position where we have to drink our own urine, or spend the night in a deer carcass. One the scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being camping in nice campgrounds and 10 being a Bear trip….we are looking for like a 3. Haaaa.

Check out the show Man vs. Wild and see if you are as entertained, horrified, shocked and educated as I am.