The Los Angeles Times had a great write up on Fuller professor David M. Scholer who is dying from cancer.

He is currently teaching a 12 week class at our church on “Prison Epistles of Paul.”

Rejoice always: a lesson in dying

Here is an interesting quote from Dr. Scholer and the LA Times who has been an advocate of women in ministry for many, many years….

Students will often hear him say that a sign of maturity is to be able to “live with ambiguity.”

As he describes it, he tells each class something like this:

“People who think they have all the answers to all of life’s questions are fake. You have no right to oppose women in ministry until you have made a friend who is called to ministry and you’ve listened to her story. You have no right to make a statement about homosexuality until you have made friends with a Christian homosexual person. The conclusion you draw is another issue.”