So since my wife has been on bed rest I have been doing a lot of thinking and I’ve come to many conclusions, but just a few I thought I would share.

One, a woman’s work is never done. Not sure of the history of that phrase or quote, but I did come across it as being an episode of . I have to be careful how I say this….but I know in many households women often do a majority of the work in the home (i.e. raise the children all day; do the laundry; clean the house; buy groceries; cook dinner; make the beds; feed the pets…..should I keep going?) As I’ve mentioned before I’m an egalitarian. So my wife and I pretty much split up all kinds of duties and we both do work that is sometimes considered the work of the other sex.

But now that my wife is on bed rest I am coming to an even much more appreciation of the work we do together as a couple. How we share duties and responsibilities. As I’m struggling to keep up the stuff around the house myself during this time, I can’t imagine how many women do it all at times (i.e. all the stuff listed above…..and some do all of that and work on top of that).

Second, I am truly thankful for my wife who is the greatest partner. I have always been thankful for her, but we can often forget our blessings in the business of life. This is helped us realign our priorities and remember our blessings.

Third, I’m selfish. Now I consider myself to not be a selfish person. But now I’m realizing how often our “giving nature” is based on our desires and abilities to give and not be selfish. But when a crisis hits, or a sickness occurs and we have to carry more of the weight and serve another, you soon realize how selfish we can be. I usually give because I’m not required to do so….and it’s easy to give when things aren’t demanded of us. But it’s much harder to give when we are required to do so, and people need us. I don’t know if that makes sense. But serving my wife during her bed rest has shown me how much more giving and selfless I still need to be. I’m a work in progress.

Four, life is pretty easy when you were single. And life was pretty easy as a married couple. But having a kid on the way brings a whole new perspective….one that we are looking forward to enjoying. But it’s funny what I used to stress out about when I was single, and when it was just my wife and I. Now I look back on those things and exclaim, “Really, that stressed me out!”

That’s all for the reflections for now….I will keep you updated on my wife, her bed rest and the soon arrival of our first child.