I was thinking about my last post (American Idol stuff) and wondering if I really articulated clearly what I was thinking and feeling. Probably not. But I feel like I’m in a place of tension. That tension: Knowing that charity tied to consumerism is a good entry point for many, but in the end it needs to be more. Tension, also because I’m that guy who is trying to move in my own life to a place where I’m more socially active and being transformed, rather than sitting on my couch eating my potato chips.

I was thinking about Donald Miller’s interview with Relevant Magazine and their current issue Laying It Down: Learning to Live with Less in a Culture of Excess. In the article Miller says, “A lot of people get involved in social justice concerns for fashion reasons,” Miller says. “I think that’s fine. I think that’s a great introduction to social justice. Fashion reasons won’t motivate you in the long haul; something has to change. But who cares how we’re introduced to the issue? Hopefully our hearts will begin to change as we begin to get into it, but I’m convinced we find God in those places.”

Pick up the magazine because it’s a great article with interview with Shane Claiborne, David Goetz, Tony Campolo, Donald Miller.

I loved what Will Samson had to say about American Idol Gives Back. Here he is speaking of Simon Cowell and American Idol: “And to see him use his huge bully pulpit to bring awareness to issues of justice? I cannot think of a better thing. This is very Matthew 25, using the resources he has at his disposal to help the least of these.”

My prayer is that as I’m introduced to more and more issues of social justice, and whether it be through fasion, media, consumerism, the Church, etc….that it wont stay in those places, but that it will move more and more towards the heart of God and that I would be transformed through that process.

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