This last year has been a very hard year to blog. Like most of you I have been extremely busy. Besides working full-time and going to graduate school I have been working as a therapist at a community mental health clinic 15 hours a week (21 hours when you include driving time in LA). I knew that this last year would take a toll on me, but it took a toll in ways that I did not expect.

Mainly, having free time or down time for creative energy. As I became more and more busy with the practicum and everything else, it was my blogging, writing and other creative endeavors that eventually paid the price. Well, I finished up my year practicum last Thursday night and I get those 21 hours a week back.

So I’ve been thinking a lot in the last few days of how I want to best use that time. I also have to consider new things into the equation, mainly as I pursue more work in therapy how much should I blog, etc. That will be something I need to process as many therapists try to maintain a low profile and limit information about them or their views to the public so as not to hinder the therapeutic relationship or process. But I’m also a pastor and blogging is one of the ways that I engage my students and others. And I also enjoy blogging.

So as I have more free time I hope to re-think, re-imagine what this blog can and should look like. I hope to bring something that is of valuable and that is different than what others are doing. There are others who do better than what I could do or bring to the blogging world, so I hope to bring something that will add a new side to the discussion or a new layer, rather than doing what others are already doing better.

I enjoy working with college students, theology, psychology, running, cooking, etc…is there a blog out there for those. HA.

I”m also looking to team up with some of my friends as we are currently working on another blogging project, so that many hands can make the work light.

If you have any thoughts or input about blogging, or what kind of blogs you want to see, please let me know.

Over this last year I just want to acknowledge a few of the blogs that have impacted me. I was online a lot this year, but I wasn’t living in the blogging world as much as I was before my 1 year practicum.

But here are some blogs that I pretty much went to almost everyday for various reasons…you should read them too!

Andrew Jones: The guy is a prolific blogger and covers more topics in theology than anyone I know. Plus he is always steps ahead of everyone else in the “emergent” discussion.

Brent Thomas: Personally, I don’t know when this guy sleeps because he comes up with very lengthy and well though out and researched blogs every single day. I went to college with Brent in Arizona and we have been friends since then. We disagree on a lot of things when it comes to theology, but his perspective has challenged me a lot and has helped me think through my own beliefs more thoroughly.

Chris Gonzalez: Chris is one of my favorite college pastor/ministry bloggers. I’m challenged by his thoughts on college ministry and he helps me re-think, and think through the college ministry I pastor.

Hugh Hewitt: Hugh is a good friend and has probably been the one person who has given me my biggest breaks and opportunities when it comes to blogging and he has encouraged me the most in blogging pursuits.

Lars Rood: Lars is one of my best friends and I credit him to helping me get my start in ministry. When I read Lars’ blog it reminds me not to take myself too seriously. Meaning, Lars is able to look beyond just speaking theology and is able to see God in the midst of all things. He loves working with high school kids also.

Mike Devries: Mike is someone I love to read because of his heart for the local church. I love reading his posts and watching him wrestle out loud with different things. There is a big vulnerability there that I don’t see in many bloggers.

Scot McKnight: Scot is awesome, what else can I say. He touches on everything and I think that he’s one of the most important voices in theology and especially in the “emergent” discussion. I especially love his blogging on women in ministry. He is a much needed voice.

Scott Dunlap: Scott is not a theology blogger and I’m so glad I found his blog. I was getting way too insulated in theology circles. Scott is a runner, knows a lot about running and posts some of the best blogs and interviews on running. If you want to find an interview with some of the top runners in the world, check out his blog. Running is what keeps me sane so his blog is very important to me.

Tod Bolsinger: I like Tod for many reasons and I feel a certain kinship to him though I have never met him. He’s a pastor. He’s a Fuller alumni. He loves running. He loves studying Spanish. He loves many of the same authors as me. One of our favorite professors at Fuller was Ray Anderson. Those are just a few. He is a phenomenal writer and thinker.

Will Samson: Will makes me think more than almost anyone else. His blog is challenging. And it’s not just the content that he posts, but that he also lives out what he preaches. You don’t see that too often. Will helps move me towards areas of tension that I need in my life.

Zach Lind: Zach is someone I love reading. He speaks his mind and he covers a lot of topics. He’s a creative guy (musician), a deep thinker and his views challenge me to think through my more thoroughly as well.