It is almost always without fail that when reading Donald Miller I will laugh out loud through various parts of his book. Last night was one of those nights. Laying in bed late at night I tried hard not to wake my wife up as he was busting me up.

I came across this line and lost it:

In the end, women are really attracted to guys who have their crap together. I doubt there are many women enamored by the idea of living in a box under a bridge, sucking on a bouillon cube while her man reads Emerson.” (pp. 111) To Own A Dragon: Reflections On Growing Up Without A Father

I still have those moments where I picture myself in some hut in the African wild while I journal away at night and read poetry. Then reality hits that I’m married and have our first child on the way in July. So maybe sitting in the hut in Africa while I read Neruda is out of the question for now.

Someday? Maybe.