Vanity on the rise among college students according to the results of this survey.

Interesting. Being a good student of Research Methodologies and Statistics I will have to hold off my judgment until I read the results of the survey, its methodology, etc. It seems that even the title of this test, “Narcissistic Personality Inventory” would lead a college student to some skewed or biased results.

But as someone who has worked with college students for the last nine years, both in ministry and the college campus setting, I believe that college students are some of the most self-sacrificing, humble and giving people that I know. I don’t think this is only because I work with mainly Christian students in a ministry as well. I see college students all over the place giving back to their communities and serving others in ways and numbers that I often don’t see in other populations.

I love college students and working with them gives me a bright hope for the future.

What is your experience with college students?