This has been an exciting week for myself and our ministry.

First, we were contacted by some of the different groups involved with Rob Bell (NOOMA, Zondervan, etc) and they asked if we would like to host him on the campus of UCLA. Gee, let me think? Yeah, of course we said yes. Like a gift dropped in our lap. They are just bringing him in with no cost to us. This should be a great outreach event on the campus of UCLA and the surrounding area. Though it is at UCLA it won’t be limited to UCLA or college students only.

So on Thursday, March 8, Rob Bell will be speaking at UCLA, talking about his new book, showing a new NOOMA video and answering questions and conversing with students. This will be one of only two stops for him in California on this trip. The other will be at Berkeley.


Second, I just received an advanced reader copy of Rob’s new book Sex God: Exploring the endless connections between sexuality and spirituality. I already dove into it tonight and it looks good. It’s definitely going to cause…..some conversations.

I will inform you all about the upcoming speaking event as we begin to get more information and advertise.

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