I feel like that when I first started blogging I had tons of stuff to say. I also think I was in a place where I was more willing to say certain things to cause a certain type of reaction or stir online. Not to get more traffic, though that’s nice, but just to have more dialogue.

One of the things that hurts a blog I think is the difficulty in being able to leave comments. I had to shut down some of my commenting and put in a Type Key because I was getting spammed like crazy. So I don’t dialogue as much.

Why am I telling you all of this? I think because for the first time I feel like there is not a lot I want to say. Let me rephrase it. There is actually a lot I want to say, but most of my energies are invested in other projects right now from work, to grad school to writing to a couple of side projects. So it seems that when it comes to blog, I feel sort of empty.

I used to sit down and not know what topics to leave out when I blogged, but now I sit there and nothing comes magically to mind. Probably doesn’t help that the hours I keep are more like a college student and sitting down to write at 12am is not the most fruitful.

It’s a season of life and I’m hoping that many of the things I’m working on will eventually come to fruition. One of my friends the other day said it’s like being pregnant. You have all these ideas and projects in you and you labor to get them done and out and executed. You labor to eventually give birth to them which is a difficult but rewarding process.

So, I’m not sure if women who have been pregnant will think they are comparable, but I do feel like I’m in a season of waiting, of being in labor, to one day give birth to what is being formed inside of me (i.e. my heart, mind, soul).

This is a good time for me to reflect on this process as well as we are in the midst of the Christmas season. We are in the midst of a season where we as Christians celebrate the greatest and most wonderful birth of all time, of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

But I’m wondering, does anyone ever feel this way? Pregnant with ideas, thoughts, projects, etc, yet laboring to eventually one day have them come to fruition?