Benjamin Myers has written a great post, Ten Propositions on Karl Barth.

As I have said many times, Karl Barth is one of my favorite theologians and one of the most influential on my life, theology, preaching, etc. But his volume of work is so huge that one is alwalys learning, and relearning more and more about Barth and his theology.

Here is a short run down of Myers Ten Propositions (but go to his post to read the details):

1. Karl Barth was a reformed theologian….

2. Karl Barth was an ecumenical theologian….

3. Karl Barth was an ecclesial theologian….

4. Karl Barth was an exegetical theologian….

5. Karl Barth was a moral theologian….

6. Karl Barth was a scientific theologian…

7. Karl Barth was a poetic theologian….

8. Karl Barth was a contextual theologian….

9. Karl Barth was a joyful theologian….

10. Karl Barth was a nomadic theologian….

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