Hilarious! This is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time, Sometimes I dress like a pagan. And as you read it, remember it is S-A-T-I-R-E. Funny satire. HT: Andrew Jones

Dress is one of those issues that seems to be a hot topic in Christian circles. I don’t have any good answers on this issue. When I lived in Arizona I used to wear khakis, button up shirts and ties to church. Then my college roommate from Santa Cruz, CA showed up to church wearing Reef sandals. I couldn’t believe it. How could someone wear sandals to church? Surely God wouldn’t approve. Well, that’s about all I wear now. If I were to get up and preach on a Wednesday night in college group in anything but Reef sandals, jeans/shorts and a t-shirt, it may come across as a little odd.

I try to dress appropriate for the occassion. So sometimes I wear a suit depending on where I am speaking, and sometimes I’m pretty casual. I don’t think either style of dress says something about my Christian walk or the seriousness with which I take the act of preaching as some may lead you to believe. Sometimes in CA I find the dress even a little too casual for myself (think beachware in church; dressing casual is different from showing skin), but I don’t find it as leading to the end of the world. Sometimes people come to church who come from different communities and it will take time for the community to figure out what is the appropriate dress in worship, bible study, fellowship, etc.

But thank God for California and the ability for one to wear jeans and flip-flops to church.

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