This weekend is the Chicago Marathon. I have never run a marathon before, so this will be my first. At this point I’m so anxious that I can’t wait to run. I was quite hesitant to sign up for this race and wasn’t feeling too good about it when I first started. But 19 weeks later I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever, ever done. I have learned so much about God during this time. I have learned so much about myself during this time. And depending on how this weekend turns out, I plan to run the LA Marathon on March 4.

Here’s some little facts for you:
Number of weeks I trained: 19
The training intensity I chose: Moderate
Number of total miles I ran: 330.45
Average per week: 17.39
Number of days I ran each week: 3
Times I ran 20: 2 times
Number of weeks I took off because of injuries: 2
Weight that I loss: 17lbs. 175 to 158
Number of runners on Sunday: Over 40,000
Okay…..that’s enough for now!

So if you are bored on Sunday, go to Chicago Marathon and pull up my name or my bib number, 22129, and check out how I am doing.

I had two goals when I started this training: 1) Finish the race. 2) Run a sub-four hour race.

Keep me in your prayers and I will post more next week.

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