Scot McKnight has posted two blog entries recently on Women in Ministry. You can find them here and here. And with a combined 283 comments so far on these two posts, one can see this is going to be a much read series. Here are Scot’s basic ground rules for this discussion:

Here it is: I’d like to begin a weekly (or bi-weekly) discussion about women in ministry but what we are in need of is a list of topics to discuss. If we can establish civility in conversation about a variety of specific topics, then I will eventually do a series on the issue of women, ordination/etc, and the Bible, looking particularly at the cultural arguments. Let’s begin with some other topics.

What would you like to see discussed? What are some topics?

Ground rule: As with last week, if you are opposed to women in ministry, then skip this discussion and listen in. Eventually maybe we’ll get to your topics of interest.

I am excited about this discussion. I have posted on this issue many times on my blog, but it fails to usually bear any fruit, and rather quickly turns into an us against them debate. Though I work in a PCUSA church, my pro-women in ministry belief probably developed in my early twenties and was in place by the time I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary. In fact, that was one of the overwhelming reasons I chose Fuller, because of its inclusivity of women in ministry, as well as Fuller’s very diverse and international student population. So I am interested to see what comes of this discussion, and I am glad to see someone like Scot do this in a positive way.