Scot McKnight just posted his first entry in a series on women and ministry. I posted about this last week, and am excited to watch, read and be a part of this discussion. Read Scot’s first post today, titled, Woman in Ministry

Scot begins:

This will be the first in a series of posts on women in ministry– as long as everyone behaves. Some of these will pertain to specific issues women face who are in ministries, some will be about biblical texts and themes, and yet others will be about theological issues. The number of issues we could converse about is so vast that I’m not sure how even to begin. What I chose to do was begin with someone who ministered: Mary, mother of Jesus.

Not just because I’ve spent a lot of time with her of late, but because in Mary we find someone who “ministered” and she’s not connected to some controversial “ordination” text. Sometimes we get lock into deductive logic: we look at a text– sometimes disputed–from the NT and then we infer the limits of practice; other times we need to look at practice itself as exhibited by women in pages of the NT and then see those texts in light of those practices. Well, enough of that.

What do you think we can learn from Mary about “women in ministry”?

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