My post below on Driscoll reminds me of another blog he posted a ways back.

In his other post, The Right Hand of Fellowship, Driscolls praises the sport of UFC.

In it he says:

The hottest sporting event among dudes who are not trapped in some seafoam-green evangelical church singing prom songs to Jesus is known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which includes the PRIDE Fighting Championships (PRIDE FC) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). …….

My three young sons and I enjoy watching Ultimate Fighting in conjunction with our Old Testament Bible studies. …….

Because I am a Christian pastor I now need to find something that connects all of this to being a Christian. So, I’ll just say that while young men are watching tough men compete, the reason they don’t go to most churches is because they could take the pastor and can’t respect a guy in a lemon-yellow sweater, sipping decaf and talking about his feelings.

Oh. I understand now. Men aren’t coming to church because their pastors aren’t fighters, or competing in UFC. And talking about one’s feelings is somehow considered weak. This just reminds me so much of Jr. High and High School where guys are always sizing each other up in such a superficial way.