This information is from the Ivy Jungle college network newsletter.

Alcohol and Money Lead both Student and Public Concerns for College: A survey of college students show that the most commonly cited problem on campus is alcohol abuse (44%) followed by cost of education (40%); student loan debt (26%); lack of financial aid (26%); drugs (20%); drunk driving (16%); credit card debt (13%); apathy (12%); awareness of world events (12%); and academic cheating (10%). A similar survey was conducted among the general public who listed the following as the largest problems on campus: high cost of tuition (43%); binge drinking (17%); low educational standards (10%); political bias in the classroom (8%); crime on campus (7%); incompetent professors (7%); too much focus on athletics (5%) and lack of support for a diverse student population (5%). (New York Times Education Life July 30, 2006 p. 7)

Myspace and College Orientation: At most college orientations students are encouraged to be responsible and warned of a number of dangers from alcohol, to over commitment. This year, many schools will also give incoming freshman a lesson about posting personal information and photographs in online communities such as Myspace and Facebook. Colleges say they need to address these things because of the incredible popularity of such websites. Last year several national stories hit the wires after athletes and others were busted for violations because of pictures posted on the internet. In addition, schools want students to recognize the very public nature of these postings which have begun to affect job offers. A third of employers say they have run prospective employees through Google and some intentionally research social networking sites to learn more about candidates. (AP August 2, 2006)