Congrats to Tod Bolsinger who completed the Ironman Canada in a time of 14:06:10.

He did the 2.4 mile swim in a time of 1:25:20.
He did the 112 mile bike in 6:48:17.
And the 26.2 mile run in 5:34:01.
And add some transition time…Wow!

Nice work Tod. What a way to finish up your sabbatical. Visit Tod’s blog for some great blogging over the last several months. He has some great posts on what he learned during his sabbatical, and I loved his lessons that he learned while training for the Triathlon.

One of the things that I have learned from all of this training is the we don’t get stronger from work but from rest that follows work. It is the rhythm of work and rest, of stress and, yes, sabbath, of stretching and then relaxing, that leads to genuine long, term health and wholeness.

The lesson in all of this could be put this way:
Anything worth doing is also worth not doing for a while.

And only in the rhythm of doing and “not doing”, together does a triathlete who loves the exercise…or a pastor who loves the ministry…find the stamina and strength for the long haul.

Tod, thanks for the lessons. You have been an inspiration on what it means to live a balanced life and to live within the rhythm of work, rest and play.