As I mentioned last week I will be running the Chicago Marathon on October 22. About a 5 weeks into training I feel a little over my head and each long run that I head out on becomes a new personal record for me regarding distance. One of the difficult things about this marathon is that I will be running with my brother who lives in Washington D.C. So we are training separately and will be coming together on race day to run together. Should be interesting since we aren’t training together.

I have really enjoyed my days running, especially my longer runs as I find myself in that infamous “running zone.” I walk away from those runs with all kinds of new thoughts, ideas, inspirations, etc. after those long runs as my mind kind of wanders all over the place during those runs. I’m still not sure if that is a good thing or not….

I’ve been heading out on these runs solo most of the time and I have been experimenting with what type of music to listen to on these runs. What is the music that will inspire me? Keep me motivated? Get me in the zone? I have quite the array of music on my iPod Nano that I listen to, but recently I stumbled across what I consider a real gem as for music and running. One, iTunes has a new selection of what is called “Sport Music” and is collaborative work with Nike. This music is compilations from athletes and artists that is meant to inspire and motivate your workout. Second, I came across a Podcast on iTunes called “Podrunner: Exercise music for runners, spinners, or any fast-paced workout.” When I checked this morning it was the 2nd most popular podcast. The music is by dj steveboy. I have loved running with this music by this guy….I’m not usually a fan of dj music, house music, electronica, etc….see, I don’t even know how to categorize it. But this music is great and you can get it free on iTunes in the podcast section.

So if any of you bloggers are looking for some new music to inspire and motivate your workouts, or to just get you off the computer and out of the house or into the gym, I highly recommend this.