As many of you know, I am training for the Chicago Marathon in October and I am so excited about it. I find myself slowly becoming obsessed, though that may not be the word. I wasn’t sure what it was, until I was reading Tod Bolsinger’s blog where he discussed the Ironman Canada Triathlon which he will be a part of in August. Yes, Tod is swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 (a full marathon). That is amazing!

Tod says, “I don’t do this to do Ironman, I do Ironman to do this.” In context, he does the Ironman to be able to travel and experience God’s creation from a different perspective. That of biking, swimming and running in places that we don’t normally get the opportunity to do that.

That’s what I have loved about running. I have been having an amazing time of running all over some of the more amazing parts of Pasadena where my wife and I live. And these are places I never would have experienced if I hadn’t gotten out of the car. There is a new and amazing world out there waiting for me that I have not yet experienced, and running is helping me explore it in a new way. I have some friends who jog everyday of the week and they do it on vacation. Which I thought was crazy until they told me all the cool places the explored on foot that they never would have experienced on foot. We spend way too much time in our cars in Los Angeles, not to get out of them and get on our feet.

And thank you to my friends and family.

If the marathon goes well, maybe someday I will try one of the sprint triathlons.