I have been blogging about a year and a half…or since December 2004. I remember setting up my first blog on our college group website in August of 2004, but only making a few attempts and later deleting them. It’s hard to believe, but two years ago when I started telling people I wanted to add a blog to our website they looked at me like I was crazy, or like I was speaking some foreign language.

But it has been fun, and I eventually moved the blogging site over to where it is now in May of 2005.

I tell you all of that, so that I can let you know that I am going to make some changes to the site. Even after a year it seems a little behind the times. There are some new features I would like to add, as well as some new writing themes I would like to add as well. Oh, and if you have any features that you would like to see added, please let me know.

So if you visit the blog and it looks like it is incomplete in some way…well, that probably means I am busy changing pieces of it bit by bit. So bear with me. But more than likely, you won’t notice the process because one of the gifts of being a night owl is that I can get everything done while you all are sleeping…uh, actually, aren’t all bloggers night owls?